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Great for the avid collector! Get one for the car and one for your garage wall!


6"x12" .040 aluminum with a protective coating to extend life and weather resistance


2024 Official Plates

  • Just look at this plate. Imagine it proudly leading your Model A down the scenic byways between...there...and Ruidoso NM. Arrive at the convention with a bug-free license plate shaped spot on the front of your car. Or be traditional and put it on the rear to give the long line of cars behind you something to read. 


2024-02-18 16.13.08.jpg
2024-02-18 12.46.47.jpg
2024-02-18 12.47.05.jpg
2024-02-18 12.45.15.jpg
2024-02-18 12.39.11.jpg
2024-02-18 16.04.08.jpg
2024-02-18 16.03.49.jpg
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